Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Today I will pack my virtual suitcase and take a virtual flight to deliver a virtual lecture at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

OK, so there won’t be actual snow in Rotterdam today. In fact the weather forecast is pretty good for this time of year.

However I will be introducing the concept of Cloud Data Warehousing, using the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform as a reference architecture, to the next generation of Data Engineers.

During their studies the students learn everything it takes to implement a data value chain. This includes the full data pipeline – from source systems, to data quality, data transformation, data modeling, data warehousing, data marts and analytics. I’m also pleased to see that the curriculum includes content covering ethics and data related legal issues.

To get today’s lecture & workshop ball rolling we will begin with the history of data warehousing. We will then look at it’s association with Big Data. The next step will be to compare traditional vs. cloud built architecture. As part of the delivery I will also give a guided tour of Snowflake followed by various exercises covering topics such as Virtual Warehouses, Zero Copy Cloning, and semi-structured data processing.

Thanks Tanja Ubert for the invitation – Tanja is a lecturer of Data Engineering and Expert Digital Education Design at the University.

I am really looking forward to the event and will be wearing orange for the occasion (orange is a color closely associated with the Netherlands)!

If you would like to learn more about the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform – along with optimizing a Data Vault Architecture and corresponding code on Github – then click here.