The evolution of data sharing & data marketplaces – recording available

The recording of my session “The evolution of data sharing & data marketplaces” delivered at DEDAG is now available.

As many businesses seek to augment or enrich internal datasets with external data, data sharing including cloud-based data marketplaces are appearing at a growing rate to match data consumers with the right data suppliers.

Data sharing has a long history in academic, research, and public policy circles, and in more recent years has made enormous inroads into private enterprises.

In this session we will look at the history of data sharing and it’s evolution towards the Third Wave of Open Data, plus data sharing gotchas. We’ll also look at an example of data sharing using a data marketplace, how to reduce time and costs, and avoid the need to engineer data integrations, using the Snowflake Data Cloud as a reference.


00:00 : Intros
02:57 : Agenda
04:19 : Overview of data sharing & cloud-based data marketplaces
06:08 : Open Data
07:43 : The Evolution of Data Sharing
10:56 : The Third Wave of Open Data
12:50 : The Snowflake Data Cloud ❄️
14:28 : Snowflake Secure Data Sharing – Overview ❄️
16:35 : Snowflake Secure Data Sharing – Direct Share ❄️
20:17 : Snowflake Secure Data Sharing – Data Exchange ❄️
22:25 : Snowflake Secure Data Sharing – Data Marketplaces ❄️
24:16 : Data Cleanrooms & the 🍪 Cookiepocalypse 🍪
26:57 : Data Cleanroom – Snowflake Secure Data Sharing example ❄️
30:16 : Governance ❄️
31:47 : Scalability ❄️
33:30 : The new regulation kid on the block?
35:47 : The EU Data Governance Act
39:17 : The future of data sharing
43:19 : Conclusion

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