Data Modeling for Data Modelers – Advanced

Data Modeling training on Snowflake Data Cloud using SqlDBM
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Theory / hands-on : 60% theory, 40% hands-on labs
  • Prerequisites: Foundational data modeling and Snowflake Data Cloud experience

Training overview

  • Through a blend of theoretical and hand-on content, participants will enhance their data model solution delivery expertise on the Snowflake Data Cloud + SqlDBM online data modeling tool
  • Attendees will be equipped with the expertise required to tackle the challenges of modern data environments across a variety of data governance areas with confidence
  • Best practices for industry standard data modeling methodologies , and how AI augmentation can contribute to successful Data Model delivery
  • Dan’s 25 years of successful national and international enterprise data model delivery expertise shared through a unique data model delivery framework and supporting principles (the D.G.D.M.D.) ™ 

Your team will learn

  • The role that Snowflake Data Cloud architecture plays in the context of data model delivery and usage
  • How to apply Data Governance to, and by using, data modeling on Snowflake
  • Agile data model design
  • How industry standard methodologies can be effectively applied to Snowflake
  • Data modeling tips for Snowflake CoPilot
  • SqlDBM Integration with DBT 
  • Use the Dan Galavan Data Model Delivery Framework (D.G.D.M.D.) ™ to lead to successful data solution delivery on Snowflake
    • In combination with the 11 Dan Galavan Data Modeling Principles applied to Snowflake

Geared towards

  • Data Modelers
  • Data Architects
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Integration Architects
  • Solution Architects
  • Data Warehouse and Data Mart Designers
  • Data Governance Architects and Engineers
  • Anyone who has the requirement of combining structured and unstructured data for BI and Analytics



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About the instructor

Uniquely, Dan Galavan possesses a wide berth of Snowflake, educational, and data industry expertise, having advised clients and led the delivery of data solutions in both the private and public sector for the last 25 years. 

Data Architecture Industry expertise

Over the course of his data solution design and delivery career, across a variety of industries, Dan has worked on over 200 projects.  This spans areas such as Data Modeling, Master Data Management, Data Warehousing, Data Migration, Data Interoperability, and Data Strategy.

Snowflake training expertise

Dan has delivered and led the delivery of Snowflake Data Cloud solutions in a variety of industries such as Healthcare and Financial Services. He has been awarded the Snowflake Data Superhero Program credential for community contributions for the last 5 years. Dan is a regular speaker on the Snowflake Data Cloud circuit, having delivered presentations and hands-on labs at a variety of conferences and events, such as the official Snowflake Ireland launch, the World Wide Data Vault Consortium, The Knowledge Gap, and the 2023 Snowflake World Summit.

Academic expertise

In addition to consultancy, Dan has also worked as an Associate Faculty Lecturer in Data Management at the National College of Ireland. He has also delivered Snowflake Data Cloud lectures at third level educational institutions such as the Technical University Dublin, Ireland, and Rotterdam University, The Netherlands. Dan was one of the first people in Europe to deliver the Zero to Snowflake in 90 Minutes Hands-On Lab.

“We organized a two-week technology summit for a US-based government agency. We needed the top speakers from each discipline and therefore chose Dan Galavan as our speaker on Snowflake. He impressed the agency with his in-depth knowledge of Snowflake and broader knowledge of databases in general. His clear and precise way of explaining concepts was very much appreciated by the group.”
Steve Hoberman

Director, Technics Publications, Arizona, U.S.A.

“Dan Galavan’s training session on the latest updates in Snowflake Data Cloud technology was a resounding success. As an IT academy, we deeply appreciate Dan’s flexible approach, always prioritizing customer satisfaction. His willingness to adapt to the unique needs of our clientele ensures that every training session is tailored to maximize learning outcomes. Dan’s commitment to excellence and customer-centric approach makes him a standout trainer in the field. We eagerly anticipate future collaborations with him to continue delivering exceptional educational experiences.”
Bart Marciniak

Head Of Sales, infoShare Academy sp. z o.o.

“Dan demonstrated a seamless delivery of a consolidated training agenda covering SQL, data modeling, and data warehousing on the Snowflake Data Cloud. Dan delivered the training to a diverse group of microfinance professionals from different markets in the MENA region in which the Vitas microfinance group operates. The trainees showed commitment, enthusiasm and engagement throughout the 5 day training and took away extensive hands-on experience with the Snowflake Data Cloud, thanks to Dan’s smooth, clear and structured delivery and most of all to his in depth knowledge and passion for the material topped with a calm, professional and positive attitude.”

Rola El Amine

Digital Business Manager, Vitas Group.