I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be speaking in person at the 9th annual Data Innovation Summit in Stockholm on 25th April. Billed as “the largest and most influential annual Data and AI event in the Nordics”, conference participants will include enterprise practitioners, technology providers, start-up innovators and academics. 

The event spans a variety of areas from Data Science to Big Data to ML to Generative AI, and of course Data Management, Data Engineering, and Data Architecture. 

I’ll be presenting on the role of SqlDBM data modeling in Snowflake Data Cloud solution delivery. 

In addition, I’ll be explaining data modeling’s role regarding a successful AI strategy.  

I’ll share various SqlDBM & Snowflake Data Cloud tips and tricks to help ensure successful data model delivery. Areas include: 

    • Data model metadata management
      • From database object descriptions, to governance pages for glossary management to custom metadata e.g for mapping documents, there is a plethora of approaches for configuring and tracking concept and model descriptions for data model explainability and data literacy
    • Data classification (Object Tagging)
    • Forward engineering from SqlDBM to the Snowflake Data Cloud
    • Concurrent data model design & DevOps pipeline integration
      • Concurrent working means that we can branch our data model project so that different team members can work concurrently, and then merge back to the main version
      • We can also integrate with Git Repos such as Azure DevOps Git
    • Snowflake database schema monitoring
      • This process automatically identifies and creates alerts based on Snowflake database schema changes, whether those changes are intended or otherwise
    • View Lineage
      • A graphical representation of Snowflake database view column lineage which can be used as an input into a variety of use cases e.g. auditability, data quality management, general model understanding

The conference is taking a hybrid approach, so attendance can be in-person or online. 

I’ll be presenting on stage M6 (Data Science & AI Strategy Stage) on Thursday 25th April at 1:30pm CEST. So whether you are attending the 2024 Data Innovation Summit in Stockholm in person or remotely, I hope to see you there! 


(The below are some example screenshots from my presentation)


SqlDBM – Snowflake Data Cloud – Object Tagging (Data classification):
SqlDBM Data Modeling and the Snowflake Data Cloud - Object Tagging

SqlDBM – Snowflake Data Cloud DB schema Monitoring:
SqlDBM Data Modeling - Snowflake Data Cloud DB schema Monitoring


SqlDBM – Snowflake Data Cloud – Concurrent working – branch merging
SqlDBM Data Modeling - Snowflake Data Cloud - Concurrent working - branch merging


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