The team at SqlDBM have invited me to share my Snowflake Data Cloud and data modeling expertise, reflect on current industry trends, and discuss the role that data modeling plays in the context of the Snowflake Data Cloud.

During the webinar, which takes place on 24th March, as part of a hands on demo we will cover areas such as:

SQLDBM Data Modeler and Snowflake Data Cloud
SQLDBM Data Modeler and Snowflake Data Cloud
  • Why Data Modeling in relation to the Snowflake Data Cloud?
  • Metadata management
  • Versioning your data model & data
  • Deploying your data model on Snowflake
  • Data modeling in the context of DevOps
  • Data Modeling and Data Pipelines

If learning more about the above areas is of interest to you, then do tune in on March 24th. Further details here.