Lightning strikes in Seattle

The last week in October saw the 2015 Professional Association of SQL Server World Summit take place in Seattle. Running over 3 days it covered a plethora of subjects from technical to professional development. Luckily I had landed a summit speaking slot – a Lightning Talk.

Lightning Talk sessions are 75 minutes long and feature six 10-minute talks by various speakers on a variety of topics. My chosen topic: Microsoft SQL Server Master Data Services. 10 minutes is not a lot of time to get your message across and my one and a half hours of Master Data Services presentation material underwent serious refinement!

The talk went well, I covered the content I wanted to cover within the allotted time and was delighted with the audiences response. Adding an NFL theme caught their attention and they helped mastermind the perfect Superbowl!

I’m delighted that I attended the PASS summit and also how the presentation worked out; going by the audience feedback it certainly struck a chord! Well done to my fellow speakers Markus Ehrenmueller, Jen Stirrup, Steve Wake, Paco Gonzalez and Jens Vestergaard.

A big thank you to the Lightning Talk session MC Andrea Allred and also Marco Blassio for some top class camera work. You can view the talk here.