Quick Snowflake Snowpark Container Services (SPCS) tip:

If you are testing out SPCS and receive the following:

“391811 (0A000): Unsupported feature GRANT/REVOKE CREATE COMPUTE POOL ON ACCOUNT”

It may be because Snowpark Container Services is not yet available in your region.

However, this will also occur if you are using a Snowflake trial account.

This is because Snowflake trial accounts don’t support the configuration of Snowflake Snowpark Container Services.

In general, testing out features using a trial account – in a region where that feature is available – is supported. At present though, regarding SPCS, it’s not the case.

So the options are:

  1. Use a non-trial account
  2. Break out the credit card!
  3. Wait it out and see if things change in relation to SPCS and trial accounts

Hope this helps!

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