Dan Galavan is a Data Architect specializing in Microsoft Data Platform Solutions Delivery.

Working in consultancy since 1999, Dan has delivered solutions across a variety of industries DanGalavanSeattleincluding Banking, CRM, Social Protection, and Telecoms.

He has worked as a consultant in Ireland, the U.S. and Germany. On St. Patrick’s Day 2003 Dan came face to face with Microsoft SQL Server for the first time – it’s not a national holiday in Germany for some reason. Beginning with MS SQL Server database development and optimization, Dan’s skillset broadened into ETL, Reporting, Data Modelling, Collaboration, Data Quality and Master Data Management.

His first taste of computers were during in the heady days of the Commodore 64 with a mix of gaming and dabbling in Basic. Dan has been a member of Toastmasters International since 2011 and has won a number of public speaking competitions.

Data Architect at KBC Ireland.

The Open Group Architectural Framework 9.1 Foundation Certified.

Website: www.galavan.com


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